Contract Programs

In addition to its variety of in-house programs, the Associated Students contributes operational funding for a collection of campus-based entities that provide significant programs and services to the student community.  These are known as our Contract Programs.

Gender and Sexuality Equity Coalition

The Gender and Sexuality Equity Center evolved from the feminist ideology that all genders should be equal. The Center strives to provide a safe and accepting environment that empowers all students through awareness raising events, services, and referrals. With the help and the dedication of students from all ethnicities, ages, genders, sexualities, religions, and experiences, the center endeavors to establish equal rights for all, making the campus and community, both local and global, more inclusive. The Gender and Sexuality Equity Center is run by the Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies in MLIB 171.

Community Legal Information Center

The Community Legal Information Center provides free legal information and assistance to the students, faculty, and staff of CSU, Chico, City of Chico residents, California residents, and individuals nationwide. CLIC is comprised of more than 100 student interns each semester and four Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice faculty advisors. CLIC provides legal information in eleven areas of law: Women’s Law; Family Law; Housing Law; Workers’ Rights; Penal Law; Disability Law; Chico Consumer Protection Agency; Environmental Advocates; Misdemeanors, Tickets and Traffic Law; County Jail Law Project; and Student Legal Services/Juvenile Rights. CLIC’s primary missions are to provide a practical internship experience and educate students and community members about their legal rights and responsibilities.

Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Center is a program of the University’s Division of Student Affairs which receives financial support from both Activity and Student Union fees. The Center exists to create an environment in which all students, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, or differences, feel respected, connected and affirmed. The Center follows six values to guide its work: interpersonal relationships, community building, identity exploration, cultural competency, transformational leadership, and advocacy. Through a holistic approach to leadership development, cultural awareness, community education, and the creation of constructive social change, the Center aspires to create transformational opportunities among all people that foster community engagement.

The Student Shuttle (B-Line)

The AS has been at the forefront of funding alternative transportation measures since the early 1980s and was instrumental in creating what initially became the Student Shuttle routes that serviced the campus-adjacent south and west predominantly student neighborhoods. Today, in partnership with the University, that program has expanded to offer all enrolled students, faculty and staff free transportation throughout the B-Line Transit service areas.