1. They're Affordable

Adventure Outings prides itself on our trips, clinics, rental equipment and special events being offered at outstanding prices.

2. You'll Get Out of Chico

Chico is awesome! It's bike-friendly, has 2 farmer's markets a week, taco trucks galore and a wonderful climate BUT you don't need to spend every weekend here. Enjoy some of the natural beauty that northern California has to offer and when you return you'll be refreshed and ready to return to Chico.

3. Have New Experience

Many people may have never had the opportunity to try something like an AO trip, or may be scared to do so. The good news is most of our trips are designed for folks with little to no experience in the outdoors. Where would the world be if nobody challenged themselves or dared to step outside their comfort zone? Trying or learning something new can be hugely rewarding!

4. Self-discovery

By getting out of your comfort zone, regular routine, and social standards there will be self discovery and you may just learn to see things in a fresh, new light.

5. Make New and Long Lasting Friendships

A stranger could just as well be a friend that you haven’t met yet. While on the AO trips, the group creates a sense of community and involvement with one another. Through communication, understanding, respect, experience, and fun you'll most likely finish your trip with some new friends.

6. Learn Something New

AO trips are a learning experience for everyone involved. Whether the trip is a completely new or refreshing expedition for someone, there is always room for increased knowledge and a chance to learn something new or different.

7. It Will Get you Moving

All AO trips will require you to be active, and that's a good thing! Exercise is good for the mind, body and spirit and even if you're a little sore on Monday we bet you'll be smiling too.

8. Learn A New Hobby

Many of AO's trips are a great way to try out an activity with minimal commitment. If there's an outdoor sport you've been wanting to try, take a trip with us first before committing to buying the gear and signing up for expensive lessons.

9. Stories to Tell

Of course with every expedition or trip someone takes, there will be memories that they hold forever and perhaps a little bit of fabricated stories to tell on to inspire others! The most effective communication is personable and the more people who will listen the more impact it will have. Remember, you don’t know who you are inspiring!

10. Bragging Rights

To be able to tell those closest and loved ones what you were able to accomplish and execute is very fulfilling and inspiring. To be able to push yourself past all comfort zones, be open to new experiences, allow for self discovery as well as sharing with others that you may have not known before such a trip, is very much worthy of some bragging rights!