In the backcountry of Lassen National Forest, tucked away in beautiful trees and rolling green grasses is the Adventure Outings yurt. Renting the yurt is a great opportunity offered to not only students, but to the community as well.

As a current Adventure Outings staff member, I took the chance to share this wonderful place with my teammates on the CSUC Rowing Team! On a warm October Saturday afternoon, a team practice was concluded with a drive up to a weekend of camping at the yurt! The team headed up together to the beautiful Colby meadows! We started with an easy and short hike into the yurt with everything in hand for an enjoyable weekend together. We were able to explore some of the area around the yurt and some trails of the meadow. We climbed trees, frolicked about, chopped wood, and had a relaxed team camp fire with silly stories, jokes, and a successful massage train! Everyone was able to sleep comfortably inside of the yurt with some technique and a lot of cuddling.

The next morning was a struggle, because not only are we students, but we are all student athletes and value sleep and are incredibly selfish when given the opportunity to have it. Breakfast spanned for about three hours and learned the art of making a perfect pancake through patience, care, and meticulous attention. Everyone enjoyed a relaxed morning with great food and good company to be shared.

The trip turned out to be beneficial for the team by improving team cohesion, improving bonding between individuals and the added various shared inside jokes. The hike out was evocative and became more reminiscent for everyone there. The yurt is a place that I cherish and hold very true to my heart. It was a great trip among great people of the CSUC Rowing Team!