You don’t have to leave Chico to have an adventure.

Anthony Burgess, Adventure Outings trip leader and civil engineering major says his favorite local adventure is an excursion to the top of Upper Park at sunset.

“An evening walk from Falcon Point Drive to the top of Monkey Face rock. It’s different from most of Chico because you’re outside of the town in nature, walking under the trees along the creek and then you get to trek up the trail to the top of a rock and look out over the valley and see all the colors of the land and feel like you’re on top of the world.”

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It is easy to ride your bike or walk from campus to Falcon Point Drive, and from there it is a mellow walk along the creek and up into Upper Park. Monkey Face is a large rock that provides an awesome vantage point for overlooking the valley. The walk is simple but ends with a steep hill and final rock-scramble to reach the top of Monkey Face.

Anthony remembers the first time he visited this location the summer before his freshman year.

“I thought that Chico was this big flat area full of dead grass and a baking sun but on top of the rock you can see that there is many natural wonders to the area and it is actually a beautiful land scape full of life.”

Anthony grew up in the woods, and getting of Chico makes him feel at home.

“I come from the north western most point of California, home of the old growth redwoods, and it reminds me of home and how you can loose yourself in the expanse of wilderness.”

Type: Evening walk

Location: Upper Bidwell Park

Duration: 2 hours

Distance: 3 miles total

Drive time from campus: 10 minutes (bike-able, about a half-hour)

Approx cost: Minimal to none

What you need: A car/bike, a pair of legs

Experience level: Novice

Level of difficulty: Low