Here is an extremely simple local adventure. If you're looking for a relaxing way to spend a hot day this could be your answer: 1) get your favorite floating device (SUP, sea kayak, etc.) 2) drive about 45 minutes, just past Orland, to Black Butte Lake 3) enjoy the water. For human-powered adventures at Black Butte Lake the best place to launch is Buckhorn Recreation Area as this is only location with a designated swimming area. After some time in the water you can visit Orland Buttes Campground for some disc golf or "frolf." Visit this link for a full list of facilities and a map. Type: Flatwater float/paddle Location: Black Butte Lake (near Orland, CA) Duration: 1-6 hours depending on how long you want to spend on the water Distance: Up to the paddler Drive time from campus: 45 minutes (driving directions) Approx cost: $10 in gas + extra if you need to rent a SUP or kayak What you need: A car/, a paddlecraft, life jacket and paddle Experience level: Novice Level of difficulty: Low