The trip was so good, I'm probably going to be talking about it for months to my friends and they'll get annoyed with me.

The above quote was taken from a participant's evaluation of Wildcat Wilderness Orientation's second trip, the Sacramento River Canoe Expedition. The group traveled almost 50 miles of the river between Redding and Chico while enduring temperatures of well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the grueling temperatures and some gnarly portages (carrying, instead of paddling your canoe and gear) the group of 6 incoming Chico State students became extremely close and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

While spending 4 nights on the river the group visited areas operated by California State Parks, the Bureau of Land Management, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and got to explore other areas typically only inhabited by local fauna. This unique view of the Sacramento river gave students a deeper appreciation for the area that will soon be their backyard. Along with a greater appreciation for the natural beauty of northern California each member of the group now will start their college careers with a close group of friends. Congratulations to everyone that completed this awesome expedition!