AO works very hard to keep trip prices low and we think we do a pretty darn good job. However, we understand that our low prices may still be too much for some to afford. Due to this, we offer scholarships to students that could not otherwise afford to go on our trips. In Fall 2014 AO provided trip scholarships to 24 CSU, Chico students worth over $2,000! We are able to offer these scholarships thanks to the Get Outdoors Fund and a grant from the Department of Boating and Waterways.

Below are more details on trip scholarships.

AO maintains the Get Outdoors Fund as a way to provide financial assistance to California State University, Chico students who may not otherwise be able to afford our trips. AO also uses funds from a Department of Boating & Waterways grant to teach boating safety courses. Both funding sources can applied for through the application below. Requirements for Consideration: 1. A current student of CSU, Chico. 2. Have not previously applied during the current semester 3. Must complete this application in its entirety Award Guidelines: 1. Scholarship will be awarded based on individual need and merit, as expressed in the application. 2. AO staff will consider the entirety of the application and the thought that was invested into the application. 3. First time applicants will be given priority over students who have previously received an AO Scholarship. 4. Scholarship must be used the semester it is awarded. 5. Scholarship cannot be combined with offers (buy one, get one 1/2 price; Wildcat Wednesday; gift certificates; etc.). 6. Scholarships cannot be used for trips you are already registered for.