In my humble opinion there is not better way to spend the 4th of July than outdoors!

We all know the origin of the 4th of July. In 1776 a group of very smart men sat in a very hot room in sticky Philadelphia. On July 2nd they created a draft of the Declaration of Independence that would officially announce the colonies' intention to separate from Great Britain. Two days later Thomas Jefferson officially declared independence, the rest is history.

In an ode to the freedom that was gained we celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, family and barbecues. This year let's keep the traditions going and start some new ones! Keep reading to check out some awesome outdoor activities to bring to your neighborhood!


Bike parade: Invite all the kids in your area to decorate their bicycles and ride them up and down the street. At the end of the day award ribbons to the best-decorated bikes.


Grill-off: Gather all your friends and some barbecues! The challenge is to create the best meal only using the grill. Encourage creativity and, of course, hungry judges.


Back yard games: Love all the classic games? Give them a fun twist so that adults, who are still kids at heart, can have a great time! Giant Jenga is a super fun game that all ages can enjoy.


Enjoy the local landscape: Hike up to North Rim in Upper Bidwell to enjoy the sunset. Have a picnic at One Mile, and cool off in Sycamore Pool.


Whatever you do this 4th of July make sure you get outside and have an ADVENTURE!