Just a short 1.5-hour drive from Chico, alongside the Feather River, is an abundance of hiking as well as an inviting hot spring. On this particular trip, we decided to hike the Yellow Creek trail.

Thanks to El Nino Yellow creek flowing nicely and the trail provided some scenic views (seen above). The hike begins at the Belden rest area directly across Highway 70 from the Beldentown Resort. It is a rugged trail in places with several trees across the trail, and in some sections, the trail is very narrow and crumbling away right above a steep drop-off. A more leisurely hike can be had on the Chip's Creek trail. After your hike head up 70 towards Quincy and be on the lookout for the antique red truck on the right to indicate you've arrived at Feather River Hot Springs. Be sure to check the website for the hot springs' rules and also note they ask that you call at least 2 hours before visiting.