Photograph by CAVE staff

On Saturday morning, Sept. 28, CAVE Weekend Wildcat volunteers had the opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity and help build a home for a family in need. Habitat for Humanity is an organization with a global outreach that provides families and children with a safe and comfortable community that allows them to prosper.

The Butte County sector of Habitat for Humanity was established in Chico in 1933 and has built over two dozen homes for the community. Habitat for Humanity also renovates many Butte County neighborhoods by building and improving housing for residents.

Photograph by Zoe Atava

Nate Hart, Weekend Wildcat Intern, attended as a site leader alongside many other volunteers.“It’s really cool to watch a house really come together,” said Hart, “knowing that you are being a part of the process.”

Our CAVE volunteers dedicated their Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and were eager to start with the construction process. Habitat for Humanity also offers the family who gets the house a chance to build alongside volunteers, making them both an essential part of the process.

Photograph by CAVE staff

What better way to let stress out and have fun than being involved in building a house by swinging hammers and wielding paintbrushes! This experience for our volunteers was immersive and allowed them to see the hard work it takes behind the scenes to bring a community together, literally!

“It’s really great when we have the turnout we did because it makes it more interesting and fun,” added Hart.

We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Habitat for Humanity and appreciate the wonderful learning experience they offer our volunteers.