Photography by Jessica Bartlett

Volunteering is an important aspect of life that builds your sense of character and exposes you to unforgettable experiences. CAVE is the biggest student-led organization on campus and is widely recognized throughout the community. CAVE has established more than 10 volunteer programs that are perfect for any individual seeking community involvement. Our mission is to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities, develop student leaders and serve a diverse range of needs and interests.

Photograph by Jessica Bartlett

Most students are hesitant when it comes to volunteering because they’re unsure of what benefits it may bring them. After asking many staff members who were once volunteers we’ve concluded that volunteer work has many essential benefits:

  • Great opportunity to make new friends (especially if you’re a freshman or transfer student!)
  • Great to get involved within the community
  • Build leadership and communication skills
  • The perfect way to make an impact on someone’s life
  • Boosts your self-esteem
  • Provides better job prospects, this is a chance to make networks now
  • Opportunity to build your resume and portfolio
  • It’s loads of fun and a great way to de-stress!
Photograph by Jessica Bartlett

When students volunteer they are expanding their educational horizons as well as building memorable experiences with others. Volunteering can also bring you other benefits that you haven’t considered. It’s been proven to bring you emotional stability as well as increase your overall health state. Volunteering can also be a great chance to build your career by exposing you to organizations or future career positions that you may be interested in. Many of our CAVE alumni have dedicated themselves to working in non-profit organizations and have been making a positive difference in society. Aside from being beneficial it can also be a fun experience. During your volunteer work you have the opportunity to collaborate with others while making a difference! Not only is it rewarding for the community but it also provides you with a great sense of joy. Our staff members have built strong connections with others while volunteering because it’s a chance to understand one another. You’re making a difference by providing your time and by listening to others.

Photograph by Jessica Bartlett

It’s important to volunteer and involve yourself in extra-curricular activities because it sets you apart from other students. By volunteering a few hours out of your day, you can make the biggest difference. Community members are more than appreciative when students dedicate their time to a meaningful experience. Volunteer work is a broad spectrum and can include anything from tutoring young students, helping out the elderly, performing physical labor, or simply just helping out a friend in need. There are endless opportunities to involve yourself, so participate by donating to your local food banks and homeless shelters. Every little step counts as it leads to a positive outcome! You don’t have to be involved with an organization to volunteer, so get out there and help your local community. Come on out and be a part of the change!