Excuse the post title, we just couldn't resist.

Wellness, sustainability, and service with some optional competition thrown in. Doesn't that sound awesome!?! Enter PLOGGING.

What is Plogging?

It's simple, plogging is pickup up litter while jogging. According to Professor Wikipedia, it began as an organized activity in Sweden around 2016 and it has since spread around the globe.

Why Plog?

It's good for you! Going for a jog (or walk) is a great way to stay active while also practicing social distancing.

It's also good for Mother Earth. The problem of waste as a whole can be overwhelming and discouraging, but when you think of tackling these problems as a way of life you can transform frustrations into joyful habits. By integrating trash pick-up into your jogging routine or your daily walk you will protect wildlife, affect people’s sense of well-being and safety, and change cultural norms.
At the same time recognizing the problem begins much further upstream. And when we reduce the waste in our own lives, pressure companies to do better, and reach out to our representatives we can stop the steady flow of waste into our wildlands and neighborhoods before it even begin.