An activity as simple as looking at the flowers around you can be incredibly grounding and calming! Find a flower in your backyard, sit down next to it, and ask some questions. Come up with your own, or use some of ours listed below!

*Note: this process can be a lot like yoga where you might be skeptical of the beneficial effects at first, and when you are done you might end up seeing the world in a whole new way!

  • How many colors is the flower made up of?
  • How many petals does it have?
  • Are there other flowers around it that look the same?
  • What type of soil is it growing in? Soft? Compact? Red? Brown? Black?
  • Look into the flower and notice the pistils and stamen, notice how delicate and complex the structures are...

Allow yourself to get lost looking at flowers for a bit! This is also a great activity coupled with our previous nature journaling post - recording your observations on paper allows your mind to be more present.

Here is to hoping that our minds can all become a bit more present!