Over the last couple of months, COVID-19 has flipped our lives upside down causing us to isolate in our homes and social distance everywhere we go to prevent the spread of this virus. Now more than ever, our families, friends and communities need help adjusting to this precautious lifestyle. CAVE volunteer, Alex Poberezkin, took this change as an opportunity to help the people in his life who are struggling the most, in their own situations, during this pandemic.

Like many students at Chico State, Poberezkin decided to go back to his hometown, San Francisco, to help his friends and family. To help out with his friends, they all decided to get on Xbox once a week and talk about how these times were affecting them as a regular mental health check-in. Since CAVE was now virtual, Poberezkin decided to volunteer in his own way- assisting a family friend senior citizen with his daily routine. Together they created a comfortable routine for his new friend, consisting of grocery store trips and daily walks. Now even though his volunteer work isn't needed as much these two find each other as friends who love to talk about commonalities they share! If you want to read more about Poberezkin’s work click here.

COVID-19 didn’t stop Poberezkin from making an impact on his community. This opportunity to work with a senior and being there for his friends and family, he has found great joy in helping the people in his life. Which is why we at CAVE wanted to tell his unique experience! He has shown a clear example of our mission by being an amazing leader in and out of the office. He has taken what he has learned from CAVE and used it to continue volunteering in his own life during hard times. Our volunteers can put the volunteer meaning into action online or in their own way like Poberezkin did and make a difference.