Hello! My name is Michelle Davis and I serve as your AS Vice President of Facilities and Services. I am a fourth-year student majoring in sociology and criminal justice. I first got involved with the AS during my freshman year by applying to sit on one of the many councils and committees that we have to offer. For the past few years, I have continued my involvement within this organization because of the skills it has helped me to develop and the sense of community it has brought to me. Last year, I decided to run for the Vice President of Facilities and Services position because I saw it as an opportunity to expand the services we offer to students.

Upon first declaring my intent to run for an elected position, I remember feeling super nervous because I was unsure of what to expect. However, I quickly realized that there was nothing to be scared of. All of the candidates were very supportive of each other, and the campaigning events were so much fun to attend! Running for office was a big step for me and something I would have never imagined myself doing when I first started my journey here at Chico State, but I am so thankful that I made the decision to run for a position. Being a part of Government Affairs has been my favorite part of college and I have learned so many valuable skills from this experience.

So far in my role, my greatest accomplishments have been approving the construction of the new WREC Oasis (located just outside of the WREC) with the help of the committee I chair, and hosting a finals week study hall that offered free food and refreshments for students. The most rewarding part about holding an elected position within the AS is being able to make positive contributions to our campus community. Being a part of the process of approving the construction of a brand-new AS facility is something that will create a lasting impact on our campus long after I have graduated. It is fulfilling to know that the work I am doing in my current role can be appreciated by Chico State students for years to come.

At Chico State, student representatives are elected each academic year to serve and advocate on behalf of the student body with AS Government Affairs. This election is held annually during the spring semester. All elected representatives serve a one-year term and contribute to Associated Students and University councils and committees, serve as representatives of the Colleges, and advocate on behalf of the students of Chico State.

Students interested in running for office are required to apply and declare their candidacy. 2023 Applications for Associated Students Election Eligibility open on Monday, February 13th, and are due on Wednesday, March 1st by 12 p.m. noon. Once confirmed eligible to run, the Election Supervisor will invite you to formally declare a position in which you wish to run. For information regarding the election process, please visit as.csuchico.edu/election.