The name was inspired by my hope to bring together artists from different mediums with varying backgrounds and styles. We were all inspired by fiber art in some way, even though we were working so differently.


I sent an email out to the entire art department asking for artists who felt they had work that would fit into this show, and I took everyone who expressed interest, that is how I chose the artists for this exhibit. My inspiration came from the fact that I’ve recently found a deep love for working with fiber, and I wanted to share that with others. Something important to me is the sense of community that working in this medium provides, and I wanted to display that with this exhibit. Many of my pieces were worked on over the course of a few weeks.


For example, my large star blanket took me about 3-4 weeks to complete. Shannon Hurley’s work was completed over the summer. Chaz Hennessy’s floor piece Reclamation was also done over the summer. Being the student representative and conducting the exhibit was a lot of work and pressure, but it pushed me to build a cohesive and beautiful show. I enjoyed the process of it and it was great to work with the BMU staff. This medium provides me with a sense of comfort and immense joy. I hope that others feel the same as they look at the body of work we created through this show. I hope that people grow interest and look into how they can create fiber art.

If you are on campus and interested, the Fiber Arts Club meets on Friday’s at 12:30 in Ayers 122.