The Art History Collective conceptualized this exhibition, “Lived Experience” as a collaboration between art studio and art history students in the Department of Art and Art History at Chico State University. The Art History Collective, as a recognized organization on campus, made a call to artists for a submission of artwork in any medium relating to the theme of “Lived Experience”.

The artworks were then chosen for the exhibition by a member of the Art History Collective to write a short essay of each piece to be shown alongside each piece in the gallery. Each of the works chosen explore deeply personal experiences, thoughts and emotions, and cover a wide range of mediums including glass, digital and paint on canvas.

Rueben Camp: Artist

My art, in its many forms, are my meditation, healing and outward expression of myself. It grounds me and connects me with others. I am always trying new mediums for creating, from paint, digital art, blacksmithing, pyrography and now glass. I draw from my own life experiences of Saturday morning cartoon, combat Medevac crew during Iraqi Freedom, a career in aviation and firefighting, and the continual dance with society and mother nature.


Each piece is itself a stand-alone sculpture, however I consider the culmination to be an installation piece. I call it, What if You Fly. What if You Fly represents decisions made to persevere through trying times, and my loss of the loved ones who chose not to.

Ray Carlson: Art History Student

As one gazes over his (Rueben Camp) works, they may be left with a feeling of hope for a happy ending for the artist, who has been given nothing but uncertainty thus far.


With no color involved, Reuben plays into the transparency of the medium by associating it with his transparency of his traumas. This gives the viewer a feeling that they know the artist, which leads one to root for him. This bird is a direct reflection of Reuben’s childhood toy, but made out of glass. Although he no longer holds the innocence that he once did as a child, Camp is still able to conquer his childhood expectations. In the first piece, I mention that the globe at the top is situated uneasily, with nowhere left but to jump or fly. This last piece tells us that Camp decided his destiny was to fly.

Daniel Penner Cline: Artist

To me, my work depicts my inner world, an actual environment where certain situations are occurring. This first image depicting a little boy alone by a fire expresses partly how I always feel. When I was four my mother was murdered and I think a part of me has been alone and at the same time warm and safe, ever since, just like the little boy.


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