First-Year Leadership Opportunity (FLO) stands as a unique and comprehensive program specifically tailored for new students at Chico State, providing a valuable platform to establish meaningful connections with fellow peers and the wider campus community. Through a series of workshops and civic activities, FLO is designed to foster not only academic growth but also professional development among participants.

One of the key components contributing to the personal growth of students within the FLO program is the incorporation of reflective journaling. This practice encourages individuals to introspect, identify personal strengths and areas for improvement, and articulate their unique leadership journey. Furthermore, participants are encouraged to curate a Leadership Portfolio, showcasing their achievements, skills, and reflections, thereby creating a tangible record of their developmental milestones.


The FLO program serves as a gateway for students to explore and engage in various opportunities both on campus and within the local community. Actively participating in these initiatives allows students to not only broaden their horizons but also develop a sense of social responsibility and community engagement.

A pivotal aspect of the FLO experience is the regularity of weekly meetings, which serve as a consistent forum for ongoing support and guidance. These meetings provide a space for participants to share experiences, seek advice, and receive mentorship from experienced facilitators. This continual support system enhances the overall richness of the FLO experience, ensuring that participants feel supported throughout their leadership journey and contributing to a sense of belonging within the program.


Within the FLO (First-Year Leadership Opportunity) program, students participate in weekly meetings designed to offer a range of experiences. Biweekly, there is a large group meeting that serves as a spot for valuable learning opportunities. These sessions cover a variety of essential topics, including understanding individual leadership styles, professional development strategies, wellness practices, and fostering diversity and inclusion. These gatherings aim to enrich the overall development of participants.

In the alternate weeks, the program introduces FLO-GS (FLO Group Sessions), run by an FLO Facilitator along with FLO participants. The intention behind FLO-Gs is to provide a platform for students to build a strong sense of community among their first-year peers and the FLO team. The focus is not only on educational aspects but also on fostering social connections and creating a supportive environment.


During the FLO-GS meetings, participants engage in a diverse range of team-building activities. These activities extend beyond the campus environment and may involve off-campus excursions. Additionally, the sessions may include hands-on creative pursuits such as arts and crafts, enhancing the overall experience and encouraging a well-rounded approach to personal and communal development within the FLO program. This multifaceted approach aims to ensure that participants gain not only knowledge and skills but also a strong sense of belonging and connection at Chico State.