The canoe is the simplest, most functional, and most beautiful object ever designed. When in water, the canoe is full of life! Paddling is an art it can be just as beautiful as ballet, painting, or poetry. The canoe fits perfectly in a glassy lake, against the backdrop of pine trees as it does in the middle of an intrepid rapid.

However, the canoe is a humble vessel. The canoe often cannot offer the same thrill as whitewater kayaking, nor can it offer the rush of a downhill mountain bike ride. This vehicle invites the paddler to meditate, to reflect, and appreciate the natural world at a level action sports can’t help but overlook. Let us paddle gently, breathe fresher air, and find clearer minds. We shall carve through the water as humans did thousands of years ago. While the age of the canoe is long gone and we no longer use these boats for trade or commerce, we use them for rediscovery! What greater joy than to rediscover the natural world and to rediscover peace within ourselves?

The canoe invites paddlers of any skill level to forge a stronger bond with our natural world, as well as with our fellow humans! Hop in a tandem canoe with a friend, one at the bow, the other at the stern and you will have found an incredible way to become closer. Become closer to nature and become closer to your friends, paddle on!