Briar is a Volunteer Coordinator with Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE). Follow along with her for a day in her life working with CAVE!

  • Why do you think people should apply for this position?

I think people should apply for this position so they can learn leadership skills, connect with their peers, and contribute to their community. I also think people who are more introverted but want to get out there should definitely apply for this position because you meet so many amazing people and lifetime friends.

  • Any tips or advice for anyone interested in joining CAVE?

Some tips I have for anyone interested in joining CAVE is to choose a program you'll enjoy, make sure you have time in your schedule, and connect with staff! I would also suggest being yourself and putting yourself out there. CAVE will easily bring you out of your shell!

  • Why did you choose to accept or apply for this position?

I applied for this position so I could continue to contribute to my community and be a part of the CAVE staff! My older sister has been apart of CAVE since she started at Chico State in 2019 and I had only ever heard amazing things about CAVE. So when I started here I wanted to join CAVE because she is my biggest role model and I wanted to do something meaningful with my time in college!

Want to get involved? CAVE partners with local non-profit agencies to provide one-time and semester-long volunteer opportunities. CAVE offers 10+ semester-long volunteer programs in the local community. Each program has volunteer staff who support the programs.