First-Year Leadership Opportunity (FLO) is an Associated Student program designed specifically for first-year students looking for ways to get involved with the Chico State campus and community. Each month one member is chosen by their fellow FLO members and peers as the person who has stood out and shown FLO’s core values. This month's FLO representative is Mikayla Gordon!

How has FLO affected or influenced your experiences here at Chico State?

FLO has influenced my experiences at Chico State very positively. I came to Chico State as a transfer student not knowing anyone here previously, which can be intimidating. I heard about FLO being a program offered while attending Choose Chico as well as Orientation which sparked an interest in me. When I first started attending FLO meetings, the FLO facilitators were nothing but welcoming and supportive which made the transition coming to Chico much easier. FLO is a program for first year students, so it was really nice having a place to go each week to see other first year students that were in the same boat as me, finding ways to get involved.

flo member

How has your involvement with FLO impacted your personal and professional life?

FLO was a great way to get experience and practice with my professional life. We had meetings talking about professionalism, how to build successful resumes, and even mock interviews preparing us for future interviews in professional settings. As for my personal life, I have become more comfortable in social settings from the different activities we do each week, helping me make better friends and feeling more connected to Chico State. We would have meetings where we would go to different spots on campus such as the WREC, The Well, The CCLC, and other spots that helped me find places I like to spend my time, whereas I probably wouldn’t have explored those places myself. I had the opportunity to table for FLO during Choose Chico, which is an event that students who are accepted to Chico State can attend to learn more about Chico State. I enjoyed being a positive influence to help make future wildcats welcomed, and share information about the resources here.

In your opinion, what role does recognition and appreciation play in building a strong and supportive community like FLO? I have always found that finding your community wherever you are is very important and includes nothing but a positive outcome. When I was in High School and even before that, I was always a part of sports teams and leadership groups and I found it was always really good to have that built-in support group surrounding you. Lifting others up and showing appreciation for what others do not only motivates you to be your best self, but also creates support and encouragement within the community. Appreciation and support for each other can drive us to excellence while also creating strong connections among one another, which is definitely seen in FLO.

flo group

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in getting involved with FLO or a similar program? For anyone who is interested in FLO or similar programs on campus, I really recommend giving it a try. With all of the clubs and organizations Chico State offers, it is very promising there is something for everyone, so take advantage of the opportunities available and get involved as much as you can. You will eventually find where you belong, and along the way meet a lot of great people. Access to resources only enhances the experience which leads to positive outcomes. Make the most out of your college experience, you won’t always have these opportunities!

What are your goals and aspirations for the rest of your time here at Chico State?

As FLO is only for first-year students, my time with FLO will sadly be done at the end of this Spring 2024 semester. I am still aiming to stay involved and get the most out of my college experience. I was recruited to Alpha Gamma Delta where I have found an amazing support system, and hopefully do the same for future recruits. I have enjoyed working with Associated Students of Chico State, so after consistently attending group exercise classes at the WREC, I have become a group exercise instructor. After being in FLO and being in the shoes of a first-year student, I want to be able to be a resource for new students and be as welcoming as I can.

My name is Mikayla Gordon and I am a first-year student at Chico State studying Interior Architecture! I decided to join FLO at the beginning of the Fall 2023 semester to get more involved in the community at Chico State, and I am so glad I did. I have met so many great and supportive people, and it has helped me learn more about what Chico State has to offer that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.