Beverages And Dessert

Beverage Menu

Each gallon serves approximately 15 servings

Organic Fair-Trade Coffee | $30 per gallon
Also available in decaffeinated

Hot Tea | $13.50 per gallon
Assorted black and herbal teas

Hot Spiced Cider| $16 per gallon

Hot Chocolate | $17 per gallon
With whipped cream and marshmallows

Fruit Water | $16 per 3 gallons
With fresh citrus

Lemonade | $16 per gallon

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea | $16 per gallon

Iced Green Tea and Hibiscus Refresher | $20 per gallon
Lightly sweetened green tea with hibiscus

Boba Tea Bar | $4 per person | minimum 20
Black tea and green teas, assorted syrups, half and half, ice, and Boba tea pearls to create your own Boba masterpiece.

Dessert Menu

Assorted Cookies | $14 per dozen

Gourmet Cupcakes | $30 per dozen

Assorted French Macarons | $12 per dozen
Almond meringue sandwich cookies in various delicious flavors

Petite Pastry Platter | $11.50 per dozen
An assortment of our bite-sized gourmet desserts including cheesecakes, petit fours, and French macarons

Assorted Cookie Bars | $22 per dozen

For questions or concerns regarding our catering menus, please contact Danielle at 530-898-3350 or