Hors D'oeuvres And Snacks

Hors d'oeuvres

A dazzling display of buffet-style hors d'oeuvres can be created by combining a variety of items from the selections below.

A half order will serve approximately 25 guests and a full order will serve approximately 50.

Charcuterie Board | $200/full order | $95.00/half order
A delicious assortment of gourmet meats, cheeses, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Served with assorted crackers and sliced baguette.

Baked Brie | vegetarian | $30.00
Brie Cheese and raspberry preserves wrapped with puff pastry and baked. Served with sliced baguette and assorted crackers.

Crudité Platter | vegetarian/vegan | $72/full order | $36/half order
A selection of fresh and roasted vegetables served with delicious dips.

Fruit Platter | vegan | $115/full order | $72/half order
A selection of fresh, seasonal fruit.

Artisan Bread | vegetarian/vegan | $72/full order | $36/half order
Assorted artisan bread served with an assortment of spreads including garlic herb compound butter, rosemary feta and lemon, and white bean and herb.

Bruschetta | vegetarian/vegan | $72/full order | $36/half order
Fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, and balsamic glaze.
Served with cheesy toasted baguette slices.

BBQ Meatballs | $72/full order | $36/half order
A Chico State favorite! Delicious meatballs tossed in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

Pesto Chicken Skewers | gluten-free | $30 per dozen
Chicken breast baked with nut-free pesto sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Beef Chimichurri Skewers | gluten-free | $35 per dozen
Marinated beef skewers with a tangy chimichurri sauce.

Caprese Skewers | gluten-free/vegetarian | $18 per dozen
Mini mozzarella cheese balls skewered with tender basil leaves and tomatoes drizzled with a sweet balsamic drizzle.

Sliders | $30 per dozen
Bite-sized sandwiches served on a soft bun, with your choice of the following:
• BBQ Pork with a southern-style slaw
• Green Chili Shredded Chicken-with tomatillo mayonnaise, cilantro, and onions
• Burgers-with cheddar cheese, classic burger sauce, and pickles

Mac and Cheese Bites | vegetarian | $18 per dozen
Breaded mac and cheese bites served with ranch dressing.

Spring Rolls | vegetarian | $18 per dozen
Vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Peppercorn Crusted Feta and Blackberry Bites | gluten-free/vegetarian | $18 per dozen
With a sweet balsamic drizzle.

Seared Asian Tofu Bite | vegan/gluten-free | $24 per dozen
with seasonal fruit, savory vegan miso mayo, and fresh cilantro.

House-made Chips and Salsa | vegan/gluten-free | $75/full order | $37.50/half order
Add Guacamole $1/person


Sweet Street Brownie | individually packaged | $3.25 ea

Chewy Marshmallow Bar | vegan/gluten-free | individually packaged | $3.25 ea

Lays Chips | $2.25 ea
Classic Potato, Barbecue, Cheetos, Doritos

Whole Fresh Fruit | $12 per dozen
Apple, Banana, Orange

Assorted Kind Bars | $18 per dozen
Caramel Almond, Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew

Nut Mix | $3.75 ea

Trail Mix with Nuts and Chocolate | $2.25 ea

Water or Soda (Pepsi products) | $1.75

Yerba Mate | $3.25

For questions or concerns regarding our catering menus, please contact Danielle at 530-898-3350 or dfierro1@csuchico.edu.