Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE) provides meaningful volunteer opportunities to Chico State students, develops student leaders, and serves a broad base of community needs. CAVE offers a variety of semester-long volunteer opportunities, and we are excited to bring back our full slate of program offerings this semester! Learn more about CAVE's kids volunteer programs below.

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club helps assist the children in the program with their homework, activities, and builds strong interpersonal relationships. Volunteers communicate with program attendees and staff and create friendships to help create a positive environment at the club.

Volunteers interact with children and get to know them through fun, enrichment activities. Volunteers are very passionate and participate in activities indoors and outdoors. Examples of activities include board games, coloring, sports, and other activities that help volunteers create a stronger bond with the members at the club.

Children are taught morals through learning how to manage their responsibilities, such as homework and cleaning up after themselves. They are also shown honorable values like being honest, having integrity, and being compassionate towards one another.

Multiple volunteers believe they make a difference in the members of the Boys & Girls Club.

CAVE Volunteer, Emily Lee states, “My most enjoyable moment there would be when one of the members told me I was her favorite volunteer and every day I go in she would ask to spend the day together which I am always grateful for.”

Lee states, “I feel that every time I go in, I do make a difference in their lives because they get a chance to talk to me about what they did at school, or sometimes I get members who just don't feel good, and it's nice to talk to someone.”

Lee states, “ I'm currently working toward becoming a child life specialist, and this is very similar to what I do at the clubhouse. The moment I go in, I have to get to know the members, gain their trust, and help them with any concerns. So this experience does give me a learning opportunity to help me prepare for that.”

Lee states, “I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who wants to volunteer with children of all ages because the kids are so sweet, and the staff are also very understanding and welcoming. I would advise them that in order to connect with the members there, you would have to go out of your way and out of your inner bubble to get close to them. Really try to get to know all the members and connect with them!”

Ismael Diaz states, “I like volunteering for the Boys & Girls Club because it reminds me of something I used to be a part of, so it feels good volunteering and taking a path down memory lane.”

Diaz says, “It is always good to give back to the community, and this is one of the things you can do that is not too much, but still has an impact on other's lives that are within the program.”

Yadira Casares states, “It's a time for children to grow since a lot of them do not have a stable home schedule or spend time with parents. The Boys & Girls Club gives them the time to get individual work done. We focus on them and their growth.”

Casares says, “I feel like this is such a good program for students to be in because everyone comes from different backgrounds, and this program shows them they are cared for, by their side, and that they are not alone in the world.”

Julieta Corona states, “I think it is nice to give back and make a difference in the community and be involved with other people. A learning experience I have learned is working as a team to create a good work environment.”

Liliana Garcia states, “If you can help in some small way, just do it."

Afterschool Volunteers

Volunteers in this program help students at nearby schools in Chico’s community. Volunteers participate at locations such as Emma Wilson, Rosedale, Chapman, Little Chico Creek, and Citrus. Volunteers encourage students to achieve academic progress and interact in interpersonal and group activities.

Volunteer, Estrella Lee states, “​​My experience volunteering with the Afterschool Program (ASP) has uplifted my spirits of attending Chico because I wasn't able to be involved with a lot of things due to the pandemic. I was able to make new connections and meet other students through volunteering which was nice. The highlight of the program would have to be making connections with the children and the other leaders. They were all very welcoming and made the program feel like their own community.”

Lee says, “My favorite thing about this program is being able to help out these students and being able to bond with them. Just overall, being able to be a mentor to these students was very rewarding because you can actually see a difference over time.”

Lee states, “The skill that I improved the most from being in the program is learning how to communicate with different people and age groups like the little kids, for example. I learned how to interact with them in a way that they can learn from right and wrong actions.”

Lee commented, “Everyone was very welcoming, and the kids were so sweet. I would tell the friend or a fellow student to just go in with an open heart and just have fun with it.”

Tutoring Volunteers

Tutoring is CAVE’s oldest and original program. Volunteers in this program assist students K-12 in various subjects and assignments. Some participants in the program bring homework or assignments while others may ask to work on specific subjects through games and other hands-on activities.

Students receive help one-on-one or in group sessions, depending on their learning preference. Tutoring subjects vary on students’ needs but include subjects such as; Spanish, Math, History, Art, and English.

CAVE Group leaders for the tutoring program frequently remain in contact between tutors, and the families participating in the program in order to monitor progress and assist in any learning hurdles. Group leaders supervise volunteers and students, answer questions, and provide assistance and resources to tutors. In addition, communication between parents or guardians is important to ensure a positive learning experience for the students.

Tutors express that they see students improving and engaged during the time they are in tutoring.

Students who attend tutoring weekly state…

“I like to come to tutoring because it is fun.”

“I like to practice my Spanish vocabulary with my tutor.”

“I like spending time with my tutor. They make my time better.”

“My tutor is helpful with my homework, especially when I don't like to do it; she makes it more enjoyable.”

Classroom Volunteers

Volunteers in the Classroom Program assist local elementary students and teachers. Volunteers are paired with teachers from local elementary schools, and assist with classroom activities, supervision of students, and teacher needs. CAVE is actively working with three schools: John McManus, Citrus Elementary, and Sierra View.

Volunteer, Macy Quan states, “I have loved watching the kids grow from being very shy to now very outgoing. I never realized how independent and smart they are. I have learned that kids are very capable, and they can do anything they put their mind to.”

Quan states, “My advice is to be close with the teacher you are working with. If you do, they can help you and be there for you when you need support.”

Volunteer, Isabella Puljiz states, “My most memorable moment has been helping the kindergarteners learn how to write numbers and understanding additional skills. It has been really cool to see their knowledge progress as time went on.”

Puljiz states, “I have learned the importance of being patient and understanding with students. It has been a great learning experience for me. It has also taught me how students develop and understand at different levels, so it is important to teach them accordingly. Use your observational skills to your advantage and try to learn as much as you can about each individual student.”

Puljiz comments, “Being a part of this program has given me a sense of community in Chico and has been so rewarding.”

To see more information about CAVE's programs, along with the meeting times and requirements, please see this document. Keep up with the latest updates from CAVE on their website here, or follow them @chicostateCAVE on Instagram to stay in the loop.