My name is Brianna. I am your WREC Programs Assistant and Fitness Instructor. I teach almost everything from pilates to spin. When I first started at Chico in 2019, I never would have imagined that I would be an instructor of anything. I first got inspired when I started becoming a regular to spin classes. Anyone who has taken a Group Exercise (GX) class before would probably agree, the environment is a welcoming place to exercise with positive people looking for the same experience as you. That inspired me to want to provide others with that experience. Quickly, I became interested in all the GX classes offered. Teaching allows me to share my love for fitness and provide all those happy feelings that allow for flow state to occur, a complete break from all the external stresses we have going on.

Behind the scenes I am also the WREC Programs Assistant for Kristen Fisher, the WREC Fitness Coordinator. I aid in events and support the other fitness instructors. My co-workers and I all share that passion and unique understanding for what it is that we do, each with our own way of doing things. We all have our own reason for why and have that purpose that drives us to plan our workouts, curate playlists, and put it all together. This all goes into that same goal of providing experiences that uplifts people.

The Wildcat Recreation Center (WREC) offers many different types of Group Exercise classes and events throughout the year. For the full schedule of group exercise classes offered and list of events at the WREC, check out their website here.