First-Year Leadership Opportunity (FLO) is an Associated Student program designed specifically for first-year students looking for ways to get involved with the Chico State campus and community. Each month one member is chosen by their fellow FLO members and peers as the person who has stood out and shown FLO’s core values. This month's FLO representative is Ellie Cisneros.

How has FLO affected or influenced your experiences here at Chico State?

FLO has affected my experience at Chico State in many ways. For one, it gave me connections to peers and faculty. I have met great people who I am happy to call my friends. I love seeing other FLO members as I am walking around campus. It reminds me that I have people who care about me and want me to succeed. Secondly, It has also taught me so much about safety and healthy habits. These lessons have shaped who I am as a student in terms of responsibility and ability to take care of myself and others.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience being selected as the FLO member of the month, and what it meant to you to receive this recognition?

I honestly was not expecting to be selected, there are so many people who are deserving of it. That being said it definitely was a pleasant surprise and I am extremely grateful for the recognition. It is always nice when people notice the effort and time you put into something.

What are your goals and aspirations for the rest of your time here at Chico State?

As I continue my years at Chico, my biggest goal is to be proud of the decisions that I make. I do not want to be regretful of how I spend my time here; I want to make every decision count and do what's best for me to grow as a person.

What have been some of the benefits or opportunities that have come your way as a result of being involved with FLO?

Some benefits of being part of FLO are the sense of community, learning important lessons, and getting connected with the campus and the Associated Students. FLO is way more than just a class for units, but it has provided me with so many people that I love to talk to. The facilitators were all so welcoming and made me feel like I can talk to them about anything. It truly felt like I belonged somewhere, and was like a little family away from home. Aside from that, I learned about so many resources on campus, such as the basic needs office or the food pantry. They also taught us about professionalism and work environments. From these lessons, I was able to interview for the facilitator position in FLO and got the job for the next school year. They give you many opportunities to grow within FLO and the Associated Students.

My name is Ellie Cisneros and I am a first year student at Chico State majoring in Liberal Studies and minoring in Math Education. My goal is to become a Kindergarten teacher, but I would be happy teaching any elementary grade. So far my experience at chico has been amazing with the help of programs such as REACH and FLO. These outreach programs have helped make many friends and memories. I am very excited to continue my education here and work with the Associated Students.