Hey Wildcats! My name is Cara, and I am a group exercise instructor and personal trainer at the WREC! I teach pilates, rhythmic spin, and abs, and I could not be more in love with teaching. When I first began attending group classes at the WREC, I thought all of the instructors were so inspiring and made me feel empowered, and I thought it would be so awesome to give people a similar experience. I applied to be a personal trainer the next semester and got the amazing opportunity to be a Pilates instructor. This experience has helped me grow in many ways and given me a sense of purpose that I am so grateful for. I now am living my literal dream of being a rhythmic spin instructor, and the students who show up time and time again are what makes it all so special.

Being in a room full of people doing the same movements, whether that be on a bike, doing yoga, lifting weights, or doing pilates, is an experience that is hard to replicate outside of exercise. I find it so motivating knowing we all showed up voluntarily to try and be a better version of ourselves when sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do. A massive aspect of this is the incredible instructors and trainers; they are all so inspiring and excited I believe they drive people to keep coming back. Our wildcats are also such a dedicated community. They continue to show up for themselves(slay), and it is insanely motivating to see as an instructor. I feel so privileged that I get to be a part of such an inclusive, powerful community, and I have so much love for everyone who is a part of it!

The Wildcat Recreation Center (WREC) offers many different types of Group Exercise classes and events throughout the year. For the full schedule of group exercise classes offered and list of events at the WREC, check out their website here.