Have you ever felt stuck in a situation, depressed, overwhelmed? Well, do I have the perfect remedy for you! Go Outside!!!

With the combination of sunshine on the skin, fresh air flowing through your body and the positive vibes radiating off of others and you can drastically change your day, month or even year.

The benefits of going outside are endless, I’ve narrowed down the advantages to 5 main reasons why you should go outside right now!

1. It positively affects your mental health!

- With school being halfway through the semester, the workload and content become very difficult and can be very overwhelming. Mental health is extremely important for each individual to balance. Something as easy as popping on your head phones, turning on your favorite song and walking around the block is a simple but highly effective way to destress! Something is so calming about being with yourself and enjoying your surroundings:)

2. Create new relationships.

- Have you ever noticed while hiking, you say, “Hi” about a million more times than you would if you were just walking down the street. Hiking brings like minded people together, so why not slow down, stop and get to know new people.

3. Fun exercise!

- Personally, the gym is intimidating and a little too close together for my liking. This makes me unmotivated to work out most days. Hiking, biking, rafting, etc. is so much more enjoyable because you’re getting your Vitamin D, talking with friends, focused and most times you don’t even realize you’re building muscle and strengthening your body!

4. Great reminder that not everything matters.

- When I’m out in nature, my mind goes to the most random thoughts. “Where did the Earth come from,” or “Who am I?” I find myself letting go of the micro stressors that occur in my daily life. I believe it’s great to think of the bigger picture and super fun to imagine the unknown.

5. Create more memories!!!

- As the people make more artificial entertainment, we easily get sucked in and basically trap ourselves in our homes. This creates no real relationships, isolates our minds and makes us overall super boring. Don’t you want to think back when you're older about that one mountain you climbed, that one friend you met or the one time you fell out of a kayak on a class three rapid… Well, it’s funny in the long run! Anyways, some of my favorite memories involve me being active and participating in fun activities! I know when I’m going to be a Mom I’m not going to tell my kids about the time I sat alone in my room, aimlessly scrolling through Tiktok. I’m going to tell them about the time I joined Adventure Outings in college and had the best time of my life!

Mother Earth offers so many awesome opportunities and we can’t let them go to waste! Not only that, but we have to value our lives and make the most of being here while we can! I encourage YOU to interact with nature today! I also encourage you to go check out the Adventure Outings website so you can experience all 5 of the points I explained above!