Christian Navarrete is a Volunteer with Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE) volunteering with the Animal Connection Program at Butte Human Society. Follow along with him for a day in his life volunteering with CAVE!

Why do you think people should apply to become a volunteer?
Well, there are countless reasons to join CAVE! They offer opportunities that can truly enhance your college experience and help you create valuable connections. Plus, it's an incredible opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and make a real difference in the community. I believe that change starts at home, and being a part of CAVE allows us to directly impact our local community in a positive way.

Why did you choose to become a volunteer with CAVE?
Initially, I was looking to kickstart my animal handling skills for my Animal Science major. Through CAVE's Animal Connections program with Butte Humane Society, I've not only delved into understanding their operations but also gained valuable hands-on experience relevant to my field of interest. The connections I'm forming through this experience are opening doors to networks I wouldn't have encountered otherwise, solidifying my decision to take that first step with CAVE.

Any tips or advice for anyone interested in joining CAVE? For anyone intrigued by the idea of joining CAVE, my advice is: take the leap! Trying something new is always worth it, and if it doesn't click, there's no harm in moving on. However, with CAVE, I can confidently say that won't be the case—it's an absolute blast! The sense of family within CAVE allows me to feel supported. Most importantly, the student mentors and staff are there to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success within the program.

Want to get involved? CAVE partners with local non-profit agencies to provide one-time and semester-long volunteer opportunities. CAVE offers 10+ semester-long volunteer programs in the local community. Each program has volunteer staff who support the programs.