Animal Connection

photo of students with dog

Program Description

Animal Connection provides volunteers the opportunity to socialize sheltered animals at the Butte Humane Society and Chico Animal Shelter. Volunteers promote responsible animal care and educate the community about proper pet care. Participants assist with a variety of tasks, depending on the needs of the shelter. Activities can range from interacting with the animals, to cleaning their environment, to assisting with special events as needed.

Butte Humane Society, 587 Country Dr. Chico, California 95928
Chico Animal Shelter, 2579 Fair St. Chico, California 95928

Why Volunteer?
Volunteering with Animal Connection is a very rewarding experience. Volunteers witness the joy in an animal’s eyes when taking a dog for a walk, scratch a kitty’s belly or give a senior bunny some love. It’s an amazing and gratifying experience for the volunteer AND the animals!

Volunteer Quotes
“It improves the lives of homeless animals…pets may not be our whole life but they make our lives whole.”