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Volunteer Programs

CAVE Programs for Fall 2021 Semester

As we return to campus we will be slowly bringing back our previously offered programs over the next few semesters. To see what programs we are offering in the Fall 2021 semester please see this document. We hope to offer our full slate of program offerings (below) again in the very near future.

Wondering how to get involved with CAVE?

There are two options for you to volunteer through CAVE. The first, and most common, is our traditional, semester-long volunteer opportunities. These opportunities are divided into two areas: Kids Programs and Community Connections Programs. These areas and their options are described below.

If you can’t fit a semester-long program into your schedule or aren’t ready to commit quite yet, we also have one-time volunteer opportunities available via our Weekend Wildcat Program. The below requirements and application process do not apply to our Weekend Wildcat program!

Volunteer Requirements

In addition to volunteering at least 30 hours a semester, participants must attend a mandatory pre-service orientation, attend a community engagement workshop, and submit a four pages of reflection papers.

Volunteers in our Kids Programs and programs serving older adults (Adopted Grandparents and Senior Circle) must submit proof of a negative TB test. This test must have been taken within the past four years for the Kids Programs and within the past year for the programs serving older adults. Student TB Tests are offered at the Student Health Center.

Volunteer Application Process

Volunteer registration and enrollment occurs during the first 3 weeks of each semester. To begin the application process print and fill out the CAVE Volunteer Online Application and we will follow up shortly to schedule an interview. During the interview, CAVE staff will discuss details of the program, complete paperwork, and ask questions regarding interests and abilities relevant to the placement process. Once approved, the final step is to attend a mandatory program orientation where volunteers will build knowledge and skills relevant to the program and receive details about their placement.

Read more about program options below and click on a program’s title to get more details about it.

Weekend Wildcat

CAVE Weekend Wildcat program logo

Weekend Wildcat
Volunteer with a variety of local agencies during weekends in a series of service projects  throughout the semester.  Sign up at CAVE’s event page on Wildcat Sync!

Kids Programs

The Kids Programs serve children ages 5-17, including those who are physically, emotionally, and developmentally disabled.


Classroom Aide
Considering a career in education?  Assist a teacher and their students in a K-12 classroom.  Tasks may include but are not limited to; grading papers, helping with lessons, working with small groups and/or providing one-on-one assistance in the classroom.

CAVE Excel Program logo

Volunteers in the Excel Program work with children at the Chico Boys and Girls Club and Hamilton City.  Be a positive mentor for elementary, middle or high school students.  Build relationships self-esteem and interpersonal skills, assist with homework and enriching activities.

CAVE Helping Hands program logo

Helping Hands
Helping Hands volunteers work one-on-one with children as a positive role model helping the student with self-esteem and being comfortable in a classroom setting.  In E.L. Connections, volunteers work with students who are English Language Learners.  In Special Pals volunteers work with students who are having learning challenges.

CAVE Nasa Program Logo

Noontime and After School Activities (NASA)
Volunteers help facilitate organized activities such as intramural sports and outdoor games for students during lunchtime or help students in after-school programs with homework and enriching activities.

CAVE Tutorial Program Logo

Tutorial volunteers focus on providing one-on-one or small group assistance with homework for children from local schools K-12.  Tutorial is conveniently held on site at CAVE on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Community Connection Programs

Community Connections Programs serve a variety of social, recreational, and educational needs for a wide range of clients in the local community.

CAVE Adopt A Park Program Logo

Enhance rare native plant habitat, protect endangered species and help with vegetation management to preserve and restore Bidwell Park.

CAVE Adopted Grandparent Program logo

Adopted Grandparent
Get matched with an older adult from one of our local senior care facilities and meet with them weekly one on one for conversation, crafts or other activities.

CAVE Animal connection program logo

Animal Connection
Work with Butte Humane Society or Chico Animal Shelter to help shelter operations including cleaning, stocking and socialization.

CAVE community outreach ambassadors program logo

Community Outreach Ambassadors
Serve the needs of people who are experiencing homelessness at the Torres Shelter or help at-risk youth at the Esplanade House with homework after school.

CAVE Senior Circle Program Logo

Senior Circle
Join a CAVE staff member at a local senior care facility to do group activities with older adults.

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